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Best cheap phones in the US for 2017

Trying to find the best cheap phone, especially in the US, is a herculean task in 2017, as carriers want to lock everyone into contracts even at budget prices. You want to spend less money – not more, right? That’s why we’ve deployed our knowledge of the best phones under …

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Xiaomi Launches Mi Exchange Programme in India

In order to boost its domestic presence and enhance its existing sales records, Xiaomi on Tuesday launched Mi Exchange programme in India. The Chinese company has partnered with New Delhi-based Cashify to let Indian customers exchange their existing handsets with new Xiaomi smartphones. The new development emerges days after an …

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Internet baffled by the simplest question

IF YOU think discovering the meaning to life is mankind’s most puzzling question, you obviously have never thought about how many holes there are in a drinking straw. The question has recently been circulating social media thanks to a hilarious video in which two men can’t agree if there are …

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